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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Egg Shoot 2001 Winner Randy Chappel The 31st. version of the Hickory Groundhog & Egg shoot was pretty exciting and an extreme test of shooting skill. Those shooters that were lucky to get into the first couple of relays were lulled into a ( hey I got this thing for sure ) fantasy land by the time it was their time at 300yds. And then those that were lucky enough to make it through the 300yd. line on the groundhog had to brave about the worst of windy conditions I have seen in the 28 years I have attended this match. Not to mention the “Pucker Factor” coming into play by that time.

The wind was so hard the tent poles had to be held on by several brave fellows so the shooting could continue and then everyone who wanted to take a crack at the egg– got to do just that. Conditions went down hill from there on.

French Walnut Tracker Stock It was great having my Daughter, Jennifer and her husband John, who does all my web-site work and keeps me from shooting a hole through my computer with me to see all my long time friends and some I only knew from the phone. Great to put a face with a name.

To me this is just like opening day at the ball park. First serious match of the year and I do believe everyone had a great time. I know we all 3 did. Jennifer even said she might want to shoot next year so if I can get someone to show her how its done she might just be back with me. But one thing for sure– Lord Willing and nothing happens – I’ll be back.

Have a great spring varmint hunting season and may your name appear at the top of the page many time in the matches this year.

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