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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Shooting Accessories

D&B Supply has custom polished aluminum butt plates for most of the stocks they make now and are working on a few for the newer patterns.

In stock are buttplates for the ST-BR
(Baby Tracker), the ST-1000L & F, the new MBRTracker, the Tracker II and all of the drop in Savage and Remington stocks.

They come complete with stainless steel screws and bushings to attach to the stock. Each plate has a heavy radius so they won’t grab your sleeve on recoil.

Three 30MM ring sizes avaliable for Davidson & Kelbly bases. All have stainless screws and are multi facited tops with satin polish.

High non tapered $165
Extra high non tapered 1/4″ higher $165
High 20MOA tapered ( 5.5″ centers) $165
Davidson bases non tapered $75

Use the non tapered on your tapered bases to get on at 1000yds. or use the 20MOA tapered rings on your tapered bases to get on at 1 Mile. Use the extra high to clear barrel blocks or for your light guns to shoot in the heads up position.

Finally a buttplate to cap off that special Tracker stock. Made of billet aluminum for light weight and polished for lasting beauty. Comes with stainless socket head screws and excisions to install on wood or fiberglassTrackers. $75. 

$145. Installed to customers length of pull on the stock.

Machined ADL Trigger Guard
CNC Machined from billet aluminum for that special custom rifle. Satin finished as pictured or will polish to a high gloss without the pits a casting leaves. $40.