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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Congratulations to Jim Richards on his recent and remarkable 10 shot group. Jim shot a 2.6872 group which if approved is by far a new world record. This amazing group was shot by Jim Richards at the Deep Creek Range outside Missoula, Montana during the 4th Light Gun Relay of a 1000-yard match. Jim was shooting the small 6mm Dasher cartridge with 105gr Berger bullets.


The Record-setting rifle features a Borden action, Shehane ST 1000 fiberglass stock, and Nightforce Benchrest scope. The Krieger barrel was chambered by King Machine for the 6mm Dasher, with a 0.269? neck and 0.103? freebore. Jim Richards was running Berger 105gr Hybrid bullets.


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