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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Tracker Target Stock Prices

The ST-1000L & F are used in IBS, NBRSA and Williamsport 1000yd. Light Gun competition (16 1/2 & 17lbs.) and F-class cross the coarse shooting.

It also has become one of the best for varmint and long range big game shooting too. The stock in laminate weighs 3lbs. 14ozs. as is and can be made as light as 3lbs. with holes in the buttstock and forend. The laminated Obeche is 10% lighter and 10% stronger than the Rutland laminate.

The fiberglass version made for me by McMillan is the same weight as the Rutland laminate and has hard fill in the action area and 6’s into the barrel channel for barrel block applications. (SST-1000F & MBR Tracker F in McMillan Fiberglass $545.) The ST-1000L is available in a thumbhole style at $625. & $625. in Obeche. $695 in French Walnut Obeche.

**Lee Six Modified Thumbhole also available at the same price as the Tracker. * *

The Tracker II- $545. In Obeche $675. Has a more conventional pistol grip and drop cone for those wanting to grip the pistol grip more. Has all the same features as the ST-1000L. Will handle actions as big as 1.7’s and barrels as large as 1.45’s and 36’s long.

MBR-Tracker- $655. In Obeche $675. This is the Tooley MBR but with the features of the Tracker on the forend and under the buttstock. For the shooter who likes a more tactical / vertical pistol grip.

Big Dawg Tracker – $795.00 in Rutland – $995 in African Obeche. Same as our MBR Tracker but on Steroids. 4″ longer forend and the forend can be as wide as 5″. Handles actions up to the large 2″ Bats. Handles barrels as long as 40″ + 1.5″ diameter.

ST-HG- $795. In Obeche $995. This stock is used in the Heavy Gun 1000yd. class as well as in the Unlimited class in short range BR as a bag gun. Also doubles as a long-range varmint / big game stock for shooting on portable tables or from towers. Made for rifles with and actions and barrels as large as 2’s and 40’s long. Forend can be cut to suit the barrel length.

ST-BR (Baby Tracker)-$545. & Obeche $675. This stock is used in 100-200yd. BR in the IBS & NBRSA. Also doubles for light-weight varmint/target stock. The stock can be as light as 28oz’s. In Rutland wood and 10% lighter in all of the Obeche colors and patterns.

Rimfire Sporter- $675. in Obeche– This stock in available in the 5418 Anchutz, ULA and the New Hall Sporter action inlets only and as flattops. Meets all RBA, IR-50-50 and ARA rules for the sporter class. Weight is from 20oz. to about 24ozs. Depending on the Obeche blank and inlet


Now the Maxi Tracker is available in either Rutland or Obeche Laminate. Chrome Plated front and rear rails and can have either a laminated or alum. Barrel block.

Rutland laminate including rails — $1895.

Obeche Laminate including rails — $2195.

** All Prices are subject to change. A %15 Re-Stocking fee charged on all returns.**

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