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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Tracker Sporter Stock Prices

ADL-Varmint Special- $545. In Obeche $675. This stock is a 100% drop in for all Remington short actions. Patterned after the McMillan 40X style they make for Remington. It has a palmswell pistol grip, beavertail forend and shadow line cheek piece. Barrel channel is the same, as the 40X but will accept barrels as large as 1.35 ‘œs

The BDL Long-Range Sporter- $545. In Obeche $675. This stock comes in 2 lengths, one for the 22”-24’ barrels and with a 2’ longer forend for the 26’-30’ long range sporter rifles. Both are 100% drop-ins. The pattern is like the Remington Classic with a small shadow line cheek piece. Makes a well-balanced short or long range sporter.

The Ultra Light Sporter- $545. In Obeche $675. This lightweight sporter is made to be used with the low profile Rifle Basix trigger which is ½’ shorter than the Remington trigger. This allows the rifle to be slimmed down for the ultimate in a caring varmint or back packing for mountain game rifle made. Can be had in several patterns for the Remington Mod. 7 as a drop in, the Remington Short, 40X or the 6’ BAT in single shot form. Most complete mountain rifles weigh 5 lbs. without scope and a # 4 barrel 24’s long in a varmint rifle about 7lbs.

Rimfire Sporter- $545. In. Obeche $675. This very light weight sporter was designed at the request from Bill Calfee to allow shooters to have a very stiff but light weight stock for the 7.5lb. class rimfire sporters. We have two inlets, one for the Ultra Light Arms rimfire Mod. 20 action and the other for the 5418 Ans. Action.

** All Prices are subject to change. A %15 Re-Stocking fee charged on all returns.**

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