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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Extreme Range Hunting / Benchrest Stocks

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African Obeche

McMillan Fiberglass

Rutland Laminated

Sheep hunting demands a light weight accurate rifle. Something a young Lady can take an Oregon record book California Bighorn Ram with. This was her Dads first attempt at rifle building and glad he choose a Tracker Stock to build this fine .280 Ackley for a memory She and her Dad won’t soon forget.

This Low Profile stock is made to accept Rem. Mod. 7, Short 700’s, 40X’s or the 6? BAT actions. Use with the Rifle Basix trigger it make the lightest sporter you have ever shot. Perfect for the light weight carrying varmint rifle or the rifle to use backpacking for sheep or other mountain game. This one is in unfinished desert camo color and can be had in any of our custom Rutland colors or the light weight African Obeche for the ultimate in beauty, stability and light weight.

The ADL Varmint Stock is for Remington short actions only. Patterned after the McMillan 40x style they make for Remington. It has a Palmswell pistol grip and Beavertail forend to shape the way you want or shoot as is. They are 100% drop-ins with trigger and guard morticed in place. Available in black and brown laminated only. Barrel channel will except 40x size barrel as is and up to 1.350? if necessary.

Tracker Varmint – Benchrest Stocks

For the varmint hunter who wants to test groups and shoot some from a sand bag front rest but doesn’t want a full long 3? wide benchrest type forend. This design is taken from our popular Tracker II competition stock. The front of the forend is 2.5?s wide and only comes back 6?s and tapers in to a beavertail for offhand shooting. The rest of the body of the stock is slimmer and the bottom of the buttstock has the Tracker flat, just like the competition models so you see your hits.They are fully inletted drop in stocks for Remington short and long actions, Savage short and long actions and the barrel channel is the same as the Remington varmint special and Savage varmint barrels.

Exciting new wood at D & B Supply

We are now offering a very thin laminate wood milled in Africa called Obiche. This wood is very dense but extremely light. The plys are about .025 thick and color is extremely clear in all shades. Our color in the first shipment is one to replicate the color of French walnut in a laminated stock. These stocks will hold checkering better than any laminated stock on the market today. ( Top stock is Obeche and bottom stock is Rutland in a Field and Stream pattern.)

Top two stocks are Obeche #1 light Obeche #2 dark Obeche #3 Rutland
laminate in Field & Stream color. All 3 are Long Range Sporters.

This is the .416 dangerous game rifle that was pictured on the cover of Precision Shooting magazine ( see cover below ) done by D’Arcy Echols of Utah in dark African Obeche.

Precision Shooting Nov. 2000

Check out the article by Dick Wright in Precision Shooting Magazine (Oct. 99) and also their June cover.

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Recoil pads, aluminum butt plates, ADL trigger guards and Rem.
BDL bottom metal also

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