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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Shehane “Tracker Stock” in McMillan fiberglass

Serious Long Range Equipment!
8-32 NightForce Scope
custom 30MM rings (black)
one piece tapered base


The ST-1000F is the same design, but in McMillan fiberglass. McMillan is the worlds leader in fiberglass stock construction, and that’™s why we chose them to manufacture our design. Take a look at the ST-1000 on page 22 in the new 1999 McMillan catalog. We keep 20 or more on hand for fast delivery, or we can order one just for you. Delivery usually is about 16-18 weeks. Price depends on the extras you want McMillan to add.


ST-1000F in McMillan fiberglass Some of our colors in Inventory

1. Burgandy and White Marble
2. Purple Flame
3. Gray & White Marble
4. Med. Blue & Dark Blue Marble
5. White/ Med. Blue to Dark blue flame
6. Purple & White marble
7. White to Purple flame
8. Yellow to Orange to Red flame

MBR – Tracker – McMillan fiberglass

1. Yellow to Orange to Red flame2. Green and White Marble3. Dark Blue and White Marble
4. Medium Blue and White Marble

5. Gray to Black Flame

Click to enlarge colors

We try and keep these colors in stock at all times!