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 Rutland Laminate Colors


 Sierra Finished

**Unfinished**  Rutland Laminate Colors

All New 2006 Line

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Names and colors from top to bottom.
#1 – Top is Blue Meadow ( green-blue)
#2 – is Ground Squrrel Camo ( yellow-brown-rust-orange)
#3- is Stripped Rosewood ( light and dark Rosewood)
#4- is Monarch ( gray-blue-yellow-purple)
#5- is Prairie Dog Camo ( olive-gray-orange)#6 – Below is Arizona Sunset

2008 Colors

 1. Sierra        


2. Desert Camo


3. Field and Stream


4. Gray and Dark Blue


5. Gray and Wine


6. Ground Hog Camo


We try and keep these colors in stock at all times!