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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes
Dawie & David

Diane and I are blessed having customers all over the globe and this is a story of one from South Africa we have done business with for many years.

If anyone we do business with is addicted to the shooting sport our Friend Dawie is. Now he is passing the addiction on to his 17 year old son David.

David Shooting Prone They traveled from South Africa to the US and then on to Canada for the 128th. F-Class Championships in Ottawa. Not only did they make the South African team, they managed to have their names at the top of the page several times and shot a truly amazing bunch of matches. It’s truly any Father’s dream to shoot with his son and Dawie was as excited as any Father could be everytime he called me during the 2 weeks they were shooting. Diane & I congratulate Dawie & David for one fine Championship performance. We are already making plans for Raton, NM. next year. I told you Dawie was addicted.
South African Benchrest Team

This is a note Dawie sent me after he got back to South Africa and wanted me to post it on my site.

Diane & Bill

Benchrest Trophies
Shooting Prone
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and my son David. Going to shoot overseas without the right equipment would have been disastrous for us all. I don’t think my son and I are very good shooters but with the right equipment and all the help from you we managed to make it to the top. David is only 17 years old and was leading the competition from day one. We were unable to use the range for testing when we arrived in Canada and had to rely on what you told us to shoot as far as a load for David’s rifle. That load was spot on for David’s rifle and the load for my rifle was amazingly just as accurate. Not having two front rests we had to rush around and borrow a rest most of the time for David. I believe if not for that David would have won the overall competition.
Dawie & David Scorecard

I have attached pictures for you. Both Tracker Stocks, our reamers, scopes, BAT actions, load development, bullets, bags and rest were supplied with pride from D&B Supply.

Many Thanks