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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Congratulations to a special young Jr. shooter on his recent benchrest shooting accomplishments.

Mason Hildreth and his 2009 Trophies Mason Hildreth started shooting 4-25-2009 at age 10 and won his first relay. In 2009 he won the WV Jr State Championship and the National Jr Shooter of the Year. In 2009 he also won match winner and Jr shooter of the year at Harry Jones and a score match winner at White Horse. In 2010 he won WV State Jr Overall as well as the National Shooter of the Year again.

Mason is the son of Tony Hildreth and Heather McCormick and the grandson of John and Judy Hildreth. Mason is an honor roll student at New Haven Elementary, Mason Co., WV. He enjoys basketball, hunting, fishing, video games and his 1000 yd shooting matches. He has not missed any matches at the Harry Jones or White Horse since he started shooting.

Mason Hildreth with his Shehane Tracker Stock and Nightforce Scope His gun is a 6 x 47 Lapua, Remington 700 action, Douglas Barrel, Shehane Tracker stock and Night Force scope. Gunsmith is Douglas Barrel.

Mason, thanks for shooting with a Shehane Tracker Stock and the Nightforce Scope.

Would you mind letting us all know what video game you have been practicing your shooting skills on………………Please.

Keep up the excellent shooting.

Bill & Diane