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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes



All Nightforce riflescopes are equipped with one of the company’s laser-etched reticles, representing the industry’s best solutions for a wide range of shooting requirements. Recreational, competitive and tactical shooters benefit from designs engineered for specific shooting needs. Nightforce riflescopes leave the factory with your selection of reticle already installed by factory experts. Later, reticles can be changed when you send your scope back to the factory.

Precision laser-etching on compound optical glass, smaller than a dime ensures a clear reticle in your field of view with no distortion, ensuring repeatability. A reliable internal lighting source illuminates the reticle against your target in low light, low contrast conditions. Illumination intensity is adjustable to accommodate the individual shooter.

NP-1RR-r090607_35Nightforce Velocity reticles:
Ballistic reticles for big game hunting to 600 yards

No guessing. No complicated or confusing calculations. And deadly accurate. Sight in your rifle once, and you’re good to 600 yards. No more estimating holdover, no wondering how high to sight in, no need for cumbersome drop charts in the field.

Our new V reticles are up to twice as fast as traditional ballistic reticles, and applicable to virtually any hunting caliber. Aim points are clearly marked from 100 to 600 yards, plus five and ten mph windage compensation is also indicated. Illumination is standard, as it is with all Nightforce reticles. The Velocity reticles are available only in our NXS 2.5-10×24 and 2.5-10×32 Compact scopes.

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on how Velocity reticles work

To find out which Velocity reticle is appropriate for your rifle/bullet combination, we’ve created an
online calculator
which includes a database of the most common factory loads and bullet manufacturers. If you know the muzzle velocity of your cartridge, you can instantly see which reticle is recommended, and compare its trajectory to the standard elevation compensation built into our V reticles. It will also give you specific sight-in recommendations, which allow you to optimize your rifle and reticle for optimum trajectory and maximum accuracy from 100 to 600 yards.

2.5-10×24 and 2.5-10×32 Compacts only.

NP-1RR-r090607_35NP-1RR: Varmint, Long-range hunting

The NP-1RR reticle is a ranging reticle, best suited for varmint and long-range applications. This easy-to-use reticle will enhance a shooter’s ranging abilities and long-range accuracy.

• Easy ranging of the target in the field with no mathematical calculations.
• Quick and accurate compensation for wind drift and bullet drop.

The NP1-RR ranging scale works on the principle of known size of the target in inches. Targets are framed inside the circular elements of the reticle to quickly estimate the range of a

‘¢ Deer average 18’“20 inches from brisket to
‘¢ Coyotes average 18’“20 inches in height.
‘¢ Fox average 10’“12
inches in height.
‘¢ Prairie dogs average 9’“10 inches standing.

The ranging scale remains effective in the field
even with small variances in target size.


NP-1-r10SEP07_35NP-1: Big game hunting

Available for all Nightforce riflescopes, the NP-1 is designed for tactical, varmint and big game use.


Superior to duplex reticles, this floating three-plex design utilizes all the functional elements of a duplex without unnecessary obstructions of your field of view at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions. Measured at 22x, a fine crosshair with a .080 M.O.A. subtension o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. The NP-1 directs your eye to center for quick target acquisition.

Nightforce owners and members of our own staff pick the NP-1 as their preferred reticle for traditional hunting.

NP-R1: Field tactical, Varmint, Long-range hunting

This is an improved version of the NP-R2, providing the user with 1 MOA measurements on the elevation bar and 2 MOA measurements on the windage bar. This improved reticle design allows the shooter to range easily and accurately.

FITS: ALL NIGHTFORCE NXS SCOPES, except Compact NXS. Not available on Benchrest Models

NP-R1 15x


NP-R2: Field tactical, Varmint, Long-range hunting

The NP-R2 reticle is a versatile reticle for field tactical, varmint, long-range and benchrest applications. Designed for shooters, NP-R2 provides exact hold points for windage and bullet drop as well as multiple zero points.


The Nightforce NP-R2 is a performance-proven reticle designed specifically to enhance a shooter’s long-range accuracy and ranging capabilities under a variety of field conditions. Each Nightforce NP-R2 reticle is calibrated at a specified magnification. This enables the shooter to accurately range a target, utilize multiple zero points and select from numerous hold points to compensate for both windage and bullet drop. In addition, the Nightforce NP-R2 reticle is etched on precision multi-coated compound glass. This ensures exact alignment and eliminates breakage. Due to Nightforce’s illumination technology, the glass etched reticle glows red and can be illuminated at different intensities. This technology ensures excellent reticle contrast in low light when illuminated or a well-defined black reticle when not illuminated. In addition, the fine line subtension (area of target covered) makes this reticle ideal for long-range applications. Using the latest advancements in etching the shooter is guaranteed consistent spacings and therefore accurate range estimation.

What makes the Nightforce NP-R2 reticle truly unique. The vertical line of the NP-R2 reticle is divided into 2 M.O.A. increments (approx. 2 inches at 100 yards). These vertical increments are used for range estimation, multiple zero points and accurate bullet drop compensation. Any size target can be easily ranged using a simple formula: (target size in inches ÷ M.O.A. x 100 = range in yards). Once range is determined select an appropriate hold point based on the bullet drop of your cartridge. The vertical spacings can easily be split into 1 M.O.A. increments further enhancing long-range accuracy. The horizontal line is divided into equal 5 M.O.A. increments for windage compensation.

FITS: ALL NIGHTFORCE RIFLE SCOPES, except Compact Model 1.4×24 NXS

NP-2DD-r090607_35NP-2DD: Varmint, 1000 yd benchrest

Field tactical, varmint, big game, light hunting, benchrest and 1,000-yard shooters can benefit from the design of this double-dot reticle.


Favored by two classes of shooter, the NP-2DD is the reticle most preferred for predator hunting in low light conditions. When measured at 22x, tapered horizontal bars reaching 4 M.O.A. from the center and a floating .1875 M.O.A. center dot draw the hunter’s eye to center for quick target acquisition with minimal illumination flare around the center aimpoint. This reticle is also highly functional for benchrest shooters when combined with Nightforce Precision Benchrest models.

A secondary .125 M.O.A. diameter dot is located 4 M.O.A. below center at 22x. This dot is a 500-600 yard holdover point for most flat shooting cartridges. This simple and effective reticle performs in long-range situations while maintaining quick target acquisition capability for short distances.

1,000 yard benchrest competitors prefer the NP-2DD reticle when selecting the 8-32×56 and 12-42×56 models in the Precision Benchrest series for its optimum dot subtension. The unobstructed field-of-view allows the shooter to observe the wind flags to detect a change of condition.


FC2-r090607_35FC-2: CQB, Hunting

This close range tactical reticle was designed for the 1-4×24 and 2.5-10×24 NXS compact rifle scopes.




MIL-DOT: Field tactical

This MIL-DOT is designed for field tactical and long-range field applications. Unlike many MIL-DOT reticles, this design features a hollow dot that will not obscure the target. This reticle is designed for fast range estimation and target acquisition in tactical situations.


Developed by the military, the mil-dot reticle allows the sniper to estimate the range to his target. The mil-dot is now the standard reticle found in law enforcement rifle scopes. The term itself, mil-dot, refers to a trigonometric function called milliradian and a dot, which appears as a series of round shaped reference points located on the reticle. Advanced developments at Nightforce have resulted in the creation of a new style of mil-dot reticle. Rather than the solid dots that obscure most of the target, the Nightforce mil-dot reticle consists of see-through round dots which are placed on the vertical and horizontal cross lines that serve as reference points. In addition, all four posts are also see-through. Because both the dots and posts are clear, the target is no longer obscured. As a result, these features enable the sniper to more accurately estimate the range to his target. The dots are spaced precisely 1 mil apart which represents 3.6 inches at 100 yards at specified power. The mil-dot design is etched on precision multi-coated compound glass. This eliminates breakage and misalignment of the reticle. Because of Nightforce’s illumination technology, the glass etched reticle glows red and can be illuminated at different intensities. This flexibility ensures excellent reticle contrast in low light when illuminated or a well-defined black reticle when not illuminated.


MLR-r090607_35MLR: Field tactical, Long-range hunting

The MLR reticle is ideally suited for field tactical and long-range field applications. This reticle is popular among military operators and law enforcement officers.

FITS: ALL NIGHTFORCE NXS SCOPES, except Compact NXS. Not available on Benchrest Models

CH1-r090607_35CH-1: Benchrest

The CH-1 reticle is a simple design for benchrest competition and varmint shooting .


Designed for benchrest competition, the CH-1 reticle is a popular choice for a broad range of benchrest shooters. A subtension of .036 M.O.A. measured at 22x was selected after extensive research by Nightforce to offer competitors a reticle with an optimum subtension best suited for benchrest competition.

The CH-1 provides an unobstructed field-of-view, allowing the shooter to observe the wind flags to detect a change of conditions.

FITS: NIGHTFORCE Models 5.5-22×50 NXS, 5.5-22×56 NXS, 8-32×56 NXS, 12-42×56 NXS, and 8-32×56 Benchrest, 12-42×56 Benchrest


CH2-r090607_35CH-2: High-power competition

The CH-2 reticle is an efficient reticle, designed for high power and benchrest competition.


Designed for long-range, high power competition, the CH-2 features a .200 M.O.A. dot on a .030 M.O.A. crosshair when measured at 22x. This .200 M.O.A. dot is calibrated for scored shooting on standard NRA high power competition targets.

This reticle was designed in response to extensive research conducted by Nightforce with the cooperation of the world’s foremost high power competitors. Nightforce is proud the United States Army Marksmanship Unit has chosen the CH-2 over all reticles for high power and benchrest competition.

USAMU’s use of this reticle in 5.5-22×56 NXS demonstrates Nightforce’s achievement in developing the best scope and reticle combination for the elite sport of long-range, high power competition.

FITS: NIGHTFORCE Models 5.5-22×50 NXS, 5.5-22×56 NXS, 8-32×56 NXS, 12-42×56 NXS, and 8-32×56 Benchrest, 12-42×56 Benchrest


CH3-r090607_35CH-3: Benchrest

The CH-3 is a unique reticle, designed for benchrest competition. Only the center dot of the reticle is illuminated.


Designed for benchrest shooting, the CH-3 reticle features an extremely fine crosshair and dot. This fine crosshair and floating dot creates the perfect long-range benchrest reticle to compensate for mirage and wind conditions in 1 M.O.A. increments. Combined with a high magnification and variable power, the CH-3 allows the competition shooter to bracket the bullseye while maintaining a center aim point. Unlike Nightforce’s other illuminated reticles, only the dot is illuminated on the CH-3 reticle.

FITS: NIGHTFORCE Models 5.5-22×50 NXS, 5.5-22×56 NXS, 8-32×56 NXS, 12-42×56 NXS, and 8-32×56 Benchrest, 12-42×56 Benchrest