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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes
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Target shooting Extreme long range

Created at the request of the U.S. military, who needed a scope that is
extremely fast, applicable to a wide range of targets at various distances, and
offering a choice of elevation/windage click values, reticles, ballistic turrets
and Nightforce’s patented ZeroStop technology. The reticle is located in the
first focal plane, meaning its size remains in the same ratio to the target
across the entire magnfication range. This has distinct advantages in
high-stress situations, and when the user can expect to encounter targets from
close-in to hundreds of yards away.

NXS 3.5-15 X 50 F1


Three different windage/elevation adjustments are offered: .250
MOA, .1 Mil Radian, or 1.0 MOA elevation/.5 MOA windage. Two optional engraved
ballistic caps are also available, one for the 1.0/.5 MOA marked for the A-191
(.300 Win Mag/190 gr. Sierra Match King), or for the M118LR (.308/175 gr. Sierra
Match King) marked in meters. The standard cap comes with a .250 MOA scale,
which the user can have custom engraved (by a third party) to match any
caliber’s ballistics.

ZeroStop technology is standard, and a variety of reticles is offered. The F1
ships with a set of Nightforce’s superb Ultralight titanium rings.

In addition to the standard turret cap marked with an MOA scale,
two optional engraved ballistic turret caps are offered:

1) A-191 (.300 Win. Mag/190 gr. Sierra Match King), available with the 1.0 MOA
elevation/.5 MOA windage version.

2) M118LR (.308/175 gr. Sierra Match King), marked in meters. The user can have
a third party custom engrave the standard cap to match virtually any caliber,
once that caliber’™s ballistics are established.

About first and second focal plane reticles.

Most American shooters are accustomed to reticles located in the second focal
plane of a scope.

In this configuration, the viewed reticle size remains unchanged at all
magnifications. For most applications this is preferred, and indeed most
Nightforce scopes utilize the second focal plane location. For some
applications, however, a first focal plane location is preferred. In this
instance, the reticle appears to grow in size as magnification increases.

In actuality, the reticle is remaining in the exact same proportion to the
target at all magnifications. This has advantages when using certain ballistic
and rangefinding reticles, and under rapidly changing field conditions. The
preferred reticle location for you depends upon how you use your scope and the
conditions you will encounter.


3.5-15X50 F1
 Magnification:  3.5-15Xx
 Objective Diameter:  50mm
 Exit Pupil Diameter:  14.3mm @
3X5 –  3.63mm @ 15x
 Field Of View:  27.6ft
@ 3.5x  7.3ft @ 15x
 Eye Relief:  3.9in
 Internal Adjustment Range:  110moa
elev.  80moa wind.
 Click Value:
.250moa, .1 Mil Radian, or 1.0 MOA E/.5 MOA W
 Tube Diameter:  30mm
 Ocular Diameter:  36mm
 Mounting Length:  6.1in
 Weight:  30oz
 Overall Length:  16.7in
, MLR, NP-R1, Horus, ART, and more