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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Shehane Tracker Stocks & Nightforce Scopes

Check out all of the latest Nightforce Scope Specials. First come first serve.

Welcome to D & B Supply. We are your long range shooting supply specialist located in Charlotte, NC and on the WWW. You can find anything from Nightforce Scopes, laminated wood, fiberglass or aluminum stocks, tapered bases and custom rings, custom front and rear rests and many other precision shooting products or services. Our business is dedicated to the serious shooter as well as the occasional varmint hunter. So if you are looking to match shoot, varmint hunt or just impress your friends please take the time to scope us out. If there is any thing we can do please contact us.

Extreme range sport shooting is what we are all about. We build guns and stocks that are proven winners at every long distance match held in the world. If you are looking for top quality benchrest or varmint hunting equipment, you found us. Please enjoy our site and don't hesitate to call with questions.

Long Range Shooting is Our Game!

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Congratulations to Pete White!
Pete White NBRSA 2011 600yd

Click here to see Pete’s Trophies & Guns.

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We have the 600yd. reticles in stock in the 2.5-10×32 and have 40 of the Velocity 1000 reticles in the 5.5-22X56 NXS . Taking orders first come first shipped for any of the 1000yd. reticles until the 40 are sold.Orders taken now will be shipped in August before the hunting season. Next shipment will not be shipped till Sept. and finally the 3.5-15’s by late Oct.

2.5-10×32 ZeroStop High Velocity 600 | 2.5-10×32 ZeroStop Medium Velocity 600 | 2.5-10×32 ZeroStop Low Velocity 600 | 2.5-10×32 High Velocity 600 | 2.5-10×32 Medium Velocity 600 | 2.5-10×32 Low Velocity 600 | Velocity 1000

Now taking orders for the new 1000yd. reticle in the 5.5-22X56 NXS scopes.

We have several on our backorder list now and will ship first come first shipped as soon as the scopes are shipped to us. These won’t last long and should ship to you by late August at the latest.

Call to reserve yours today.

Congratulations to a special young Jr. shooter on his recent benchrest shooting accomplishments.

Mason Hildreth and his 2009 Trophies Mason Hildreth started shooting 4-25-2009 at age 10 and won his first relay. In 2009 he won the WV Jr State Championship and the National Jr Shooter of the Year. In 2009 he also won match winner and Jr shooter of the year at Harry Jones and a score match winner at White Horse. In 2010 he won WV State Jr Overall as well as the National Shooter of the Year again.

Mason is the son of Tony Hildreth and Heather McCormick and the grandson of John and Judy Hildreth. Mason is an honor roll student at New Haven Elementary, Mason Co., WV. He enjoys basketball, hunting, fishing, video games and his 1000 yd shooting matches. He has not missed any matches at the Harry Jones or White Horse since he started shooting.

Mason Hildreth with his Shehane Tracker Stock and Nightforce Scope His gun is a 6 x 47 Lapua, Remington 700 action, Douglas Barrel, Shehane Tracker stock and Night Force scope. Gunsmith is Douglas Barrel.

Mason, thanks for shooting with a Shehane Tracker Stock and the Nightforce Scope.

Would you mind letting us all know what video game you have been practicing your shooting skills on………………Please.

Keep up the excellent shooting.

Bill & Diane

Egg Shoot 2001 Winner Randy Chappel The 31st. version of the Hickory Groundhog & Egg shoot was pretty exciting and an extreme test of shooting skill. Those shooters that were lucky to get into the first couple of relays were lulled into a ( hey I got this thing for sure ) fantasy land by the time it was their time at 300yds. And then those that were lucky enough to make it through the 300yd. line on the groundhog had to brave about the worst of windy conditions I have seen in the 28 years I have attended this match. Not to mention the “Pucker Factor” coming into play by that time.

The wind was so hard the tent poles had to be held on by several brave fellows so the shooting could continue and then everyone who wanted to take a crack at the egg– got to do just that. Conditions went down hill from there on.

French Walnut Tracker Stock It was great having my Daughter, Jennifer and her husband John, who does all my web-site work and keeps me from shooting a hole through my computer with me to see all my long time friends and some I only knew from the phone. Great to put a face with a name.

To me this is just like opening day at the ball park. First serious match of the year and I do believe everyone had a great time. I know we all 3 did. Jennifer even said she might want to shoot next year so if I can get someone to show her how its done she might just be back with me. But one thing for sure– Lord Willing and nothing happens – I’ll be back.

Have a great spring varmint hunting season and may your name appear at the top of the page many time in the matches this year.

See the pictures on the Trophy page and right here.


Dawie & David

Diane and I are blessed having customers all over the globe and this is a story of one from South Africa we have done business with for many years.

If anyone we do business with is addicted to the shooting sport our Friend Dawie is. Now he is passing the addiction on to his 17 year old son David.

David Shooting Prone They traveled from South Africa to the US and then on to Canada for the 128th. F-Class Championships in Ottawa. Not only did they make the South African team, they managed to have their names at the top of the page several times and shot a truly amazing bunch of matches. It’s truly any Father’s dream to shoot with his son and Dawie was as excited as any Father could be everytime he called me during the 2 weeks they were shooting. Diane & I congratulate Dawie & David for one fine Championship performance. We are already making plans for Raton, NM. next year. I told you Dawie was addicted.
South African Benchrest Team

This is a note Dawie sent me after he got back to South Africa and wanted me to post it on my site.

Diane & Bill

Benchrest Trophies
Shooting Prone
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me and my son David. Going to shoot overseas without the right equipment would have been disastrous for us all. I don’t think my son and I are very good shooters but with the right equipment and all the help from you we managed to make it to the top. David is only 17 years old and was leading the competition from day one. We were unable to use the range for testing when we arrived in Canada and had to rely on what you told us to shoot as far as a load for David’s rifle. That load was spot on for David’s rifle and the load for my rifle was amazingly just as accurate. Not having two front rests we had to rush around and borrow a rest most of the time for David. I believe if not for that David would have won the overall competition.
Dawie & David Scorecard

I have attached pictures for you. Both Tracker Stocks, our reamers, scopes, BAT actions, load development, bullets, bags and rest were supplied with pride from D&B Supply.

Many Thanks


Once again Tracker Stocks find their way to the top of the page at the 2010 IBS 1000yd. National Championship.

Jim Bauer wins the overall 2 Gun ChampionshipJim winning the overall 2 Gun Championship using the ST-1000 in light gun and his Maxi Tracker to take top honors in Heavy Gun.

Tony Graham - 2010 LG Overall Winner Tony took top light gun group and clinched the light gun overall Championship with his heavy kicking 30 cal. using the MBR Tracker.

Diane & I appreciate all the effort these two men put into preparing for this Championship. Neither shooter leaves anything to chance and it paid big dividends at the 2010 Championship. Thanks for having confidence in our Tracker stocks to get the job done.

Diane & Bill

Tom Mousel shoots Two - Little One's - for the records! The fellows in Montana are at it again. They will not be happy till all the Williamsport 1000yd. World records are set on their range. I think these 2 might stand a long time. Tom Mousel, not new to setting records just blazed 2 “Big Time” records firmly into the books last week by finishing the years 6 match and 10 match Light Gun 10 shot group aggs. with a 4.8813″ – 6 match and a 5.8954″ – 10 match agg. Don’t quote me on this but I think that beats the existing Heavy Gun group World Record aggs. Think about it– 100 shots in 10 different matches in extremely different conditions in Montana and all 100 under 6″s.

That my friends is one “Hell ” of a job.

Congratulations to ya young man, you have set the mark extremely high and Diane and I both thank you for having confidence in your Tracker Stocks and NightForce scopes.

Diane & Bill

Billy Copelin Good things happen to Good people and in the case of Billy Copelin you can add hard work and Bull Dog competitiveness with a “Good Ole Boy” smile. Diane and I would like to congratulate Billy on shooting himself into the NBRSA Long Range Hall of Fame!

We thank you for having the confidence in our Tracker stocks from day one. You have achieved something many will strive for the rest of their lives and never achieve.

You are truly an asset to this fine sport and we are very proud of you as a shooter and for your humble way of taking care of business.

Thanks Ole Buddy

Montana 1000yd. record at the first match of 2010 Montana 1000yd. record at the first match of 2010

Click the pictures to read more about the new Montana 1000yd record setters.

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