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Shehane Tracker Stocks And Nightforce Scopes

Shehane Tracker Stocks & Nightforce Scopes

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Welcome to D & B Supply. We are your long range shooting supply specialist located in Charlotte, NC and on the WWW. You can find anything from Nightforce Scopes, laminated wood, fiberglass or aluminum stocks, tapered bases and custom rings, custom front and rear rests and many other precision shooting products or services. Our business is dedicated to the serious shooter as well as the occasional varmint hunter. So if you are looking to match shoot, varmint hunt or just impress your friends please take the time to scope us out. If there is any thing we can do please contact us.

Extreme range sport shooting is what we are all about. We build guns and stocks that are proven winners at every long distance match held in the world. If you are looking for top quality benchrest or varmint hunting equipment, you found us. Please enjoy our site and don't hesitate to call with questions.

Long Range Shooting is Our Game!

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Father & Son at the 2010 Hickory Groundhog/Egg Shoot
Records tied and broken today by Father & Son at the 2010 Hickory Groundhog/Egg Shoot.

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Back to Back to Back 100s
The pictures say it all my Friend. You certainly are leaving your mark on the Montana shooters. Sometimes you get lucky and shoot a small group but to average just over 6″s for 6 — 10 shot groups and then back to back to back 100’s! WOW !! UNBELIEVABLE !!!

Like I said, the pictures say it all.
NightForce scopes & Shehane Tracker Stocks.

The shirt says it all.
Life Is Good!!


Diane & Bill

Nightforce NXS Scopes


[thumb:96:l] Shooters, you are looking at the smallest light gun 10 shot group EVER!! Shot in competition- not practice. Shot under match-championship competition. A 3.475 group and a perfect 100 sccore.

In my book, Leo, you “ARE THE MAN”!! Without question.


Diane and Bill

[thumb:89:l]There is not a lot more Richard can do in 600 and 1000yd. benchrest shooting that he has not already done. Add the 2008 NBRSA 1000yd. 2 Gun National Championship at Byers Colorado and to boot, set 2 new NBRSA World records for score. 6 target light gun score record of 283 and a 12 target record of 835.

I’m told the conditions at Byers were not to good for the shooters ( and the groups and scores I saw proved it ) but the cream always rises to the top in the worst conditions.
Again, what can I say but simply amazing shooting buy a might nice fellow.

Congratulations Richard– your ARE THE MAN!!

Bill & Dianne

[thumb:89:l]Richard Schatz, 2007 IBS 600-Yard Shooter of the Year, has done it again. While competing in the South Dakota 600-yard State Championships, Richard nailed a superb 5-shot group that may be a new IBS 600-yard Heavy Gun score record. Richard tells us: Got home from the VHA Jamboree and IBS 600-yard South Dakota state championship match held last week at Fort Pierre, SD. During the 600-yard match I managed to lay down a 50 for score in Heavy Gun with a 0.634 group for a potential new score record. While other perfect 50s have been shot in competition, under current rules, group size is the tie-breaker. Schatz’s impressive 0.634 group, we believe, is the smallest 50 shot to date, and one of the smallest groups ever shot at the 600-yard distance. Amazingly, there is just one bullet diameter of vertical:

Richard used Sierra 107gr Match-Kings with great success last year. He recently switched to the Berger 105 VLDs. His testing at 250 yards showed that the Bergers had a very slight edge in agging capability. It wasn’t much¦but enough that I decided to go with the Bergers. Richard’s Krieger barrel has about 800 rounds through it, and he typically cleans the bore every 70-90 rounds: all clean after a match, and don’t let it go past 100 rounds. 

Samuel Hall 600yd. IBS Nationals I Ben telling all you shooters Mr. Hall was a Bad Hombre, need I say more?

AGAIN Samual–  Congratulations for an “Extremely Fine” performance.

We all say in unison  my friend —  “YOU ARE THE MAN” !!

Thank You for using Shehane Tracker Stocks.


Q: Tell us about your equipment.
Sam: Both my Light Gun (LG) and Heavy Gun (HG) are straight 6BRs, with .268 necks. In LG I shot my Blue/White Shehane-stocked ST-1000 with 103 Spencer VLDs. The blue gun, smithed by BAT’™s Tom Dixon, features a BAT M dual port, Broughton Barrel (1800 rounds), and Leupold 45X Competition scope. (Note: the equipment list is incorrect, I did not shot my Leonard-stocked gun in LG). In HG I shot another Shehane ST-1000 (orange/ white) but with Berger 105 VLDs. The orange rifle (smithed by Leonard Baity) weighs 28 lbs. (lots of lead in the stock). It has a Lilja 31’³ straight-fluted barrel (800 rounds), BAT MB dual port, March 50x scope.

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Bill and Dianne

[thumb:79:l] Please take time to visit the all new Tracker Hall of Fame photo album. We have decided that this another great way for us to recognize our long time customers and shooters.

We will constantly be adding photos so if you don’t see one of you, let us know. We’ll be happy to get your picture posted.




[thumb:25:l]Congratulations to Lee Fisher the 2007 IBS 1000yd Shooter of the Year.

Tracker Stocks take 1st. in THE 600yd. and 1st in the 1000yd. IBS Top Shooters for 2007.

[thumb:67:l]Congratulations to Richard Schatz for another fine year of competition. Richard wins the 2007 IBS 600yd. Shooter of the year.

Congrats again to the new 2008 600yd IBS Light Gun Championship

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