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Tom Mousel shoots Two - Little One's - for the records!

The fellows in Montana are at it again. They will not be happy till all the Williamsport 1000yd. World records are set on their range. I think these 2 might stand a long time. Tom Mousel, not new to setting records just blazed 2 "Big Time" records firmly into the books last week by finishing the years 6 match and 10 match Light Gun 10 shot group aggs. with a 4.8813" – 6 match and a 5.8954" – 10 match agg. Don’t quote me on this but I think that beats the existing Heavy Gun group World Record aggs. Think about it– 100 shots in 10 different matches in extremely different conditions in Montana and all 100 under 6"s.

That my friends is one "Hell " of a job.

Congratulations to ya young man, you have set the mark extremely high and Diane and I both thank you for having confidence in your Tracker Stocks and NightForce scopes.

Diane & Bill

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Uploaded: July 16, 2010
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