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Champions choose Tracker Stocks

Don’™t take our word for it. Check the records and equipment list for all the long range Championship matches. IBS, NBRSA, Original Williamsport Club and the Varmint Hunters Jamboree. Ask some of these shooters why they continue to shoot Tracker Stocks, year after year.We have a lot of new things coming out but there is one thing for sure- we ain’™t gonna change . The Shehane Tracker 1000 remains unchanged, as long as it keeps on winning.  

Bill Shehane


2005 IBS 1000yd. 

Light Gun Champion- Ed Caldwell
2 Gun Champion – Lee Fischer
Shooter of the Year – Lee Fischer
Heavy Gun group record holder – Lee Fischer
Current IBS 1000yd group record holder – Rich DeSemone
Multiple IBS 600yd. record holder – Terry Brady
IBS 600yd. record holder – James Phillips

16.5 Light Gun Group World Record 

Current 16.5lb. 10 shot Light Gun Group – Cody Finch

Original Williamsport Club 

Current light gun agg. Champions – Jim Barta and Leo Anderson

Past Varmint Hunter Jamboree multiple Shoot off Champions 

Ron Montgomery ‘“ Dave Boyer ‘“ Charlie Bland

2004 Champions  

The winning choice for varmint hunting, F-Class & long range shooting worldwide. Diane and I want to thank shooters for having confidence in our Tracker Stocks  during the 2004-shooting season.


NBRSA 1000yd. Nationals 

1st. 2nd. & 3rd. in Light Gun – Dave Phipps- Billy Copeland & Greg Wilson

IBS 1000yd. Nationals

Heavy Gun Champion –     Lee Fischer
Overall 2 Gun Champion – Bill Shehane

N.C. 1000yd. State Championship

Light Gun Group Champion ‘“  Leonard Baity
Light Gun Score Champion ‘“   Craig Willis

Va. 1000yd. State Championship

Light Gun Group Champion –  Thomas Ellington

Iowa 1000yd. State Championship

2- Gun Champion-                            Tim North
3- Gun Champion & HG Group-           Al Forbes
Light Gun overall & score Champion-   T.E. Ford
Light Gun Group Champion-               Tom Sarver
Heavy Gun overall & score Champion-  Lee Fischer

Varmint Hunters Jamboree

For the second year in a row the Modified Champion – Ron Montgomery

Records set in 2004 using Tracker Stocks

NBRSA 1000yd. Light Gun 6 target agg.              Richard Schatz
IBS 1000yd. 10 match score agg. in Light Gun-   Phillip Yott
600yd. Heavy Gun Group & Light Gun score ‘“      James Phillips
**All four IBS 1000yd. Shooters of the Year won using Tracker Stocks**

Special Recognition for these fine shooters

Jr. Shooter ‘“ For the second time        –   Barak Robinson
Female Shooter for the 5th time            –  Debbie Yott
Rookie Shooter for the second time       – Lee Fischer
Shooter of the Year  for the second time.- Bill Shehane

Our goal is to add your name to the top of the list like these fine shooters. Thanks to you all for another fine 2004 Championship season. click here to see some of these fine shooters at the Scopeusout.com tropy page.

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