Target Stocks

Shehane "Tracker Stocks" Stay on target thru "Recoil" !!!!

Some Like it Wild, Some like it Mild, We like them All.

The Tracker stocks are available in laminated wood and fiberglass and designed by 9 time IBS record holder and 1997 IBS 1000Yard Shooter of the Year Bill Shehane. Developed during two years and 24 registered 1000 yd. Matches of testing in 1997-1998 before going on the market.

The design features less movement during recoil to stay on your target, very low center of gravity, and ½" flats on both sides along the forend to stop torque. Forend is 3" longer than standard benchrest stock for better balance, especially on barrels 26" or longer.

The buttstock has very little drop and a 5/8" flat along the bottom for super stability.

Part of this design has been used in conventional 100 & 200 yard benchrest with tremendous success for over 10 years. That design is now put together with what’s needed in 1000yd. Benchrest and Varmint hunting for the easiest and most repeatable stock you will ever shoot. Meets all IBS, NBRSA, and Williamsport 1000yd. rules. Available now in McMillan Fiberglass,( see page 22 in McMillans 1999 catalog) and laminated wood in ( 6 colors.)


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African Obeche

McMillan Fiberglass

Rutland Laminated

The Newest Addition to the Shehane Tracker Stocks!! The ST-BR

The ST-BR made its debut at the 2000 Cactus Classic in Phoenix. Dan Lilja finished in the top 10 with his after taking delivery the week before. The wood stocks are making a come back in 10.5 and 13.5 lb. NBRSA and IBS classes as well as the Hunter BR classes.We have them ready to ship in the most popular BR inlets. BAT-STOLLE-NESIKA-FARLEY-HALL and most any color you could possibly come up with. We aim to please at D & B.

The ST-BR in Yellow and Purple laminate for a Super Varmint rifle in 22-250 and the New 5.5-22 NXS scope in custom high rings. TheST-BR is also avaliable in the new lighter weight African Obeche wood as seen on the above cover of PS Nov. 2000.


5 1/2-22 NightForce NXS Scope.

Bald Eagle
Bags & Rest
Custom 30mm High Rings [aluminum] Custom Tapered Bases.
Shehane Tracker  Varmint & 1000 Yd Benchrest Stock in Desert Camo color

Varmint Hunting & 1000yd. B.R. Stock ! $335.00 The ST- 1000L is the Laminated version and is made with the best laminated blanks available from Rutland Plywood, the World leader in laminated blanks for gun stocks. Rutland supplies Winchester, Ruger, Savage, Remington and Weatherby in the U.S. as well as most of the European manufacturers with their blanks. We use 3 of Rutlands standard colors- black, brown, and desert-camo as well as 6 other special colors they make especially for us.

We offer 2 inleting styles with the ST-1000L One for all Remington, or round actions with the barrel channel cut for the HV barrel contour, the trigger and guard morticed in and the outside 98% finished and ready to apply your choice of finishes.The other style is for the square tang type custom actions like the BAT, Stolle, Hall, or Geske. This one will also accept the HV barrel contour. Both styles can accept actions as big as 1.750" and 9" long, with barrels as big as 1.450"

Tracker II in Desert Camo

ST 1000 in Indian Blanket

No more sore Thumbs
The ST-1000 Thumbhole is a right hand only thumbhole version of the
ST-1000L. Made for the Rem. 700, Savage and other custom actions in all the
same colors as the ST-1000. $335.

Modified Lee Six Thumbhole Tracker

This is the Lee Six Thumbhole pattern that we modified by extending the forend 2"s, taking all the drop out of the buttstock and added a flat under it like the Tracker. Works for right and left hand shooters and available for Remington, Savage, and most custom actions in all our colors including the African Obeche like pictured above. $335. in Rutland wood and $455. in Obeche walnut and $495. in the Obeche Patterns.


MBR Tracker Indian Paint Obeche

This is the Tooley MBR but with the features of the Tracker on the forend and under the buttstock. For the shooter who likes a more vertical -Tactical pistol grip.

 Speed, Accuracy & Consistency

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size view of this custom
benchrest rifle

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That's what keeps Greg Anderson and the Ken Black Pro Stock team's name at the top of the list. We did this Maxi Tracker to honor Ken and his team for winning the 2003 Pro Stock Championship in record style. The Vegas General has been retired with the new Summit Racing sponsorship coming on board and a new paint scheme on the car. But the Vegas General and the 2003 Championship will always be very special to Diane and I and we want to thank Ken & Judy Black, Greg, Jason and the entire Ken Black Racing team for one
special ride in 2003!

Now if I can only get Ken to take it down to Tucson after they win the Championship again this year and show the fellows drag racing's not the only thing that puts his name at the top of the page. OK, Ken the Vegas General is ready to roll once again!

Diane  &  Bill


Maxi Tracker

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This is the Maxi Tracker in yellow and wine laminate using a BAT action. Total weight with Nightorce scope is 45lbs. without adding any lead.

The Shehane "Maxi Tracker" was designed with the latest CAD system and manufactured with CNC equipment to track 100%. The body and barrel block are billet aluminum, powder coated for zero maintaince in Black & Silver. The front stainless rails are 8"s wide and run on square runners 1" wide and 1/2" high up the sides. The rear rail is 3"s wide and also 1" by 1/2" up the sides. Both rails are pinned and bolted to the body. The stock is very low profile and wide enough to make it virtually impossible to upset in the bags on a fast run. Designed to use standard length bolt handles and the trigger guard is an intregal part of the connection of the buttstock with the main body for added strength. The 9" Barrel blocks can be had in split type or glue in for 1.45" barrels. Barrel block halves are pinned and also pinned to the body and bolted all with stainless tapered socket head capscrews. A very low profile split block can be had for low scope mounting if needed. The complete system weighs 45lbs. ready for your barreled action or mine. Most Rem. 700 long actioned rifles with 34-36" barrels come in at 60-65lbs. with the availability to add all the lead weight you want. Shipped in a protective rubber lined crate by UPS without any problems. Stocks are in inventory for immediate shipping. $1795. plus shipping.

Stainless rail system 100% flat!

Heavy Gun Tracker in Yellow / Purple in Rutland Laminate

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Check out the article by Dick Wright in Precision Shooting Magazine (Oct. 99) and also their June cover.

Hot New Colors

Recoil pads, aluminum butt plates, ADL trigger guards and Rem. BDL bottom metal also


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